WorkCover NSW Safety Alert

WorkCover has responded to a number of serious incidents involving split rim and multi-piece wheels over the last few years including a number of fatalities.  In response, WorkCover has produced a special safety video and a dedicated web page in an effort to ensure businesses know the risks.

The alert and web page aim to assist in identifying the hazards and control measures associated with demounting, inspection, assembling, seating components, inflating and mounting of split rims and tyre assembly fitted on vehicles and machinery used in a range of industries including road transport, mining, earthmoving, storage, stevedoring and agriculture.

We would encourage automotive, transport, manufacturing and agriculture businesses that use these wheels to take a few minutes during their next tool box talk to show the video to their workers and discuss how they can prevent incidents at their business and share it with others who also work with them.

This information has been published on the WorkCover NSW website via the following link:


Please contact our office if you have any questions.