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Annually The Tyre and Rim Association of Australia updates and publishes a comprehensive Standards Manual that is available for sale.

The 2023 Print and Digital Version of the Standards Manual is now available. Click on the button below to order.

The Standards Manual is the “bible” of the industry and is a valuable tool for all those involved with tyres and rims, whether from sales, design or technical disciplines.

A necessary reference tool

The Standards Manual is a necessary reference tool if you are:

Tyre manufacturers
Rim manufacturers
Tyre and Wheel retailers
Vehicle and implement manufacturers
Vehicle Service organisation
Transport Authority
Government Body
Road and Traffic Authority
Fleet operator
Agricultural vehicle and machinery user

Contents of the Standards Manual

Contents of the Standards Manual for passenger, truck/bus, off the road, agricultural, industrial, and motor cycles include:

All current dimensional specifications for standard rims*
Recommended tyre to rim combination*
General data, load and inflation tables*
Valve standards
Inspection standards
Supplementary standards

2023 Revisions to the Tyre and Rim Assn Standards Manual

The Standards Manual 2023 edition is available now in an ONLINE licence version – or the Printed Manual.

On an annual basis, the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual is updated to incorporate the latest technical data advancements for tyres and rims. The manual encompasses the most up-to-date global standards for these products.

The following sections have undergone changes in the 2023 edition:

  • Passenger – more sizes in the new range of High Load “HL” sizes have been included.  Additional sizes of Metric Radial Ply tyres have been introduced.  A large range of P Type Radial Ply Tyres, which are being sold in Australia, have been returned to the Passenger Section.
  • TRA Inc (USA) has adopted substantial changes to the relevant load formulae for the Metric LT range.  These changes to the published loads have been adopted in our 2023 edition.
  • Agricultural – Metric Radial Ply tyre range has new sizes in almost all applications – Tractor Drive and Steer Wheel, Implement, Construction and Harvesting.  This applies also to ranges of “IF” (high flexion) and “VF” (very high flexion) sizes.  A small range of Metric Radial Ply R-2 drive tyres has been introduced.
  • Industrial – a new range of High Load Solid Pressed Tyres has been added, as well as some other new sizes.
  • Motorcycle – new sizes & data added.

Relevant data is most valuable for tyre size selection, application and performance for the marketer, distributor, and end user.

The new data incorporated in the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual is obtained from the world’s premier technical bodies, the Tire & Rim Association Inc. in the USA and the European Tyre & Rim Technical Organization. This guarantees that the manual remains current and comprehensive.

Keeping the industry updated, the latest version of the Standards Manual serves as a valuable tool for everyone involved with tyres and rims, including those in sales, design, or technical roles.


Tyre and Rim Selections for Passenger Car, Truck and Bus, Earthmoving Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Agricultural Vehicle, Motor Cycle and Valves for most types of tyre / rim combinations.

Passenger Vehicle tyre and rim selections
Agriculture equipment tyre and rim
Truck and bus tyre and rim selection
Earthmoving Equipment Tyre and Rim
Motor Cycle Tyre and Rim selection
Industrial Equipment Tyre and Rim selection
Valves to suit most tyre / rim combinations

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