The Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual is revised on an annual basis to include the advances of new technical data for tyres and rims, so that the Manual reflects the latest world-wide standards for these products within the jurisdiction of the Association.

The tyre size proliferation of the last decade continues but has eased a little.

  • Passenger tyre sizes still show a smaller increase than previous years with almost all additions being in the lower profile ranges – 45 Series and lower.
  • Light Truck tyre sizes have again increased, this being due in the main to the USA range development for larger SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) tyres..
  • For Truck-Bus tyres used in off-the-road and special applications, new allowable load/speed/pressure variations are quoted for the first time.
  • Agricultural tyre sizes however continue substantial proliferation. There is now a large range of high load “IF” and “VF” drive wheel tyres now being quoted along with additional sizes in the “normal” metric drive tyre range.
  • Industrial tyre sizes continue to increase hugely in the American market. Here the Association selects for inclusion in the Standards Manual those sizes which are relevant to the Australian marketplace.
  • Motorcycle section has been revised to include some new sizes from both the European and American markets.

Relevant data is most valuable for tyre size selection, application and performance for the marketer, distributor and end user.

This new data is sourced from the Tire & Rim Association Inc. in the USA, and the European Tyre & Rim Technical Organisation, both being the world’s premier technical bodies. This ensures that the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual remains relevant, updated and comprehensive.

The Tyre and Rim Association Standards Manual is the “bible” of the industry and is a valuable tool for all those involved with tyres and rims, whether from sales, design or technical disciplines.

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