2022 Revisions to the Australian Tyre and Rim Standards Manual

The 2022 edition of the Standards Manual of Tyre & Rim Association of Australia is now available in print or digital format.

The Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual is revised on an annual basis to include the advances of new technical data for tyres and rims so that the Manual reflects the latest worldwide Standards for these products within the jurisdiction of the Association.

As has become the norm over the last few years, there is again quite a proliferation of new tyre sizes. This affects the Passenger, Light Truck and Agricultural tyre ranges.

New Passenger Tyre Range of “HL” – High Load – sizes

With respect to the Passenger tyre ranges, there is the usual inclusion of Metric Radial Ply sizes but there is also a new range of “HL” – High Load – sizes.  These tyres can carry a higher load at the same Reference Pressure as current Extra Load tyres.  This allows vehicle manufacturers to design for higher vehicle loads without having to revise sheet metal/suspension component clearances.

The range of Light Truck Metric Radial Ply tyres has undergone a revision to the tyre load formulae. Some revised sizes are in the 2022 Manual, others will be revised on request.

The Metric Radial Ply Agricultural tyre range sees new sizes in almost all applications – tractor drive and steer wheel, implement, construction applications and harvesting.  This applies also to the ranges of IF (high flexion) and VF (very high flexion) sizes.

New sizes also appear in the Industrial and Motorcycle Sections.

Designing new sizes with increased load capacity to fit within current spatial requirements is becoming the norm in some ranges of tyres.

The new data is sourced from the Tire & Rim Association Inc in America and from the European Tyre & Rim Technical Organisation, both being the world’s premier technical bodies.  This ensures that the Tyre and Rim Association’s Standards Manual remains comprehensive and updated.

The Standards Manual is the “bible” of the industry and is a valuable tool for all those involved with tyres and rims, whether from sales, design or technical disciplines or regulatory bodies

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