The 2016 Tyre and Rim Association Standards Manual is now available to order.

The Standards Manual is currently in production and will be ready by mid-March. Now is the time to place your order for an early delivery.

Tyre and Rim Standards Manual 2016 EditionRevised on an annual basis, the T&RAA Standards Manual includes the advances of new technical data for tyres and rims, so that the Manual reflects the latest world wide standards for these products within the jurisdiction of the Association.

There has been a massive proliferation of tyre size additions over the last half decade.  They apply in particular to Passenger Car, Light Truck and Agricultural tyres.  There is a large amount of new data for Passenger and Light Truck ranges, with the Agricultural range again having significant changes in the 2016 Standards Manual

This new data is sourced from the Tire & Rim Association Inc in the USA, and the European Tyre & Rim Technical Organisation, both being the world’s premier technical bodies.  This ensures that the T&RAA Standards Manual remains updated and comprehensive.

The Standards Manual is the “bible” of the industry and is a valuable tool for all those involved with tyres and rims, whether from sales, design or technical disciplines.

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